Plurk.. Ngaji…


A new friend just joined a plurk..
But I’ve left it from the old times.. kkkk… 😛

Yes.. plurk is like nicotine, once you tried it you can’t stop staring the monitor all day and night.. just to see others’ plurk updates. And so for your plurk’s replies. So addicting, so exhausting.. So.. I left it. With all my good memories.

For a first try.. I didn’t post anything in that day.. and it worked out, no needing feeling, no regret.. I continue that stopping for 3 days.. it worked out too. And so for a week.. Ah.. finally I get out of that world. Really, It dried out my energy and concentration, maybe because I’m a perfectionist, so I couldn’t just ignore any update and tried to read all. Really a silly guy. LOL

I’m not persuading you to stop plurking, it is just I’m the one who can not have multple things in a time in my mind. I can only focused on one thing, and it was plurk. I can’t stop opening the page, really.. and so my other task is postponed.. ignored.. ew..

However, if you are the one who can still focus on your task, then do it.. 😀 just continue plurk. It is actually a good place to spread the news and read news of others. Makes friends too.. And the interface is very very cool, you can have it dragged all along to another day in a simple way. LOL.. you’ll get addicted too.. But also those large volume of information is too much for me to store, It is because of my stupidity who can’t ignored all information and try to store it.. and resulting in forgetting it all.. hehe.. sorry.

And so, here I’m .. a little addicted to blog. I see blogging as a good point of expressing and making the line of you history, your dream, and what you are now. You will laugh in the future seeing you in the past. Some journey of life. haha..

Um.. and then, what is the connection between plurk and “Ngaji”? Um.. it is on the way that many people do it I guess.. oops.. nothing actually.. 😀
I just do “Ngaji” tonight, after almost three weeks I never touched the Qur’an.

Hey.. what is “Ngaji”? It means reading Qur’an, the holy book of Muslim. Better if you understand the meaning when you read it too.

Let’s “Ngaji” .. ^^

here is my voice..

*disclaimer: The content of recording contains narcissism. 😛 If you don’t want to hear it, then just ignored it. The content is from the last 3 verses of Al-Baqarah. Good to get rid of the devil spirit.. *halah..* Take the risk on you own. It is copyleft.


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  1. nilam says:

    the first time i hear your voice is al-baqarah…such thing really could cause tears for me
    *another stupid thing done at the office
    just..deep..beautiful…stuff T_T

  2. havban says:

    ^^ then start “Ngaji”..

  3. nilam says:

    ^^ mari

  4. viku41 says:

    ck…ck…bapak yang atu ini…
    pas ngaji panas ga??


  5. havban says:

    mayan juga buat manasin pas musim dingin.. brr.. :D

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