[WSK] Road Trip in Jeju – Adventure in Nature


Gua jalan2 ke jeju tahun lalu kalo gak salah.. pas ada conference sehari.. dan gua lupa posting ampe sekarang.. parah2.. haha

di jeju, ada “Olle Track/Route” sekitar 16 track.. dan masing2 track punya keistimewaan tersendiri. Mulai dari jalan2 di pantai sampai naek gunung tertinggi ngos2an.. hahaha

Info lebih lanjut bisa dilihat di sini: http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/SI/SI_EN_3_4_12_16.jsp


Gua ngambil rute 7, yang ada di poto di atas itu adalah batu yang tampak seperti orang teriak, katanya ada sejarahnya.. huehue.
jalur yg gua lalui bener2 berbatu2 besar di pinggir pantai.. terus.. jalan manjat bukit dikit.. terus naek lagi..
fiuh… tapi akhirnya puas sih .. haha.

Hari pertama waktu itu buat conference. Hari kedua baru bisa buat jalan2. Pas sejam sebelum jalan.. kita mampir ke museum jeju (Folklore Museum) terus.. nonton iklan jeju.. haha.. tapi kok yg gua alamin blom full.. laen kali musti ke sana lg nih.. 😀

Berikut postingan dari koreabrand.. lebih lanjutnya lagi soal fitur2 apa yg ada di jeju.. 🙂


Jeju beach with emerald tints and peculiar living rocks are very beautiful like the fine paintings. You can have beautiful scenery by just pressing a button on your camera. In addition, driving the offshore will make you refresh your mind.

You will realize that time flies so fast when dropping by some attractive places while driving the offshore road. Now we will introduce you the must-go places in Jeju island.

Dive along the Green Forest!

The road which will be now introduced is 516 Forest Road Tunnel that was built for the first in this island. It is a shortcut from Jeju city on the South to Seogwipo city on the North of the island, crossing Mt. Halla. It definitely reduced the travelling time and is quite faster than the other ways. The road is rather zigzag, however, once you pass the Sungpan Rest Area, you will meet the trees that just look like a tunnel. While passing the tunnel we will feel as if the trees were greeting you.

<The lush greenness of the 516 Forest Road Tunnel > (Source : AsiaToday)

On your diving, you will see the Sancheon-dan altar for Mt. Halla and Sungpanak, the tracking course. Suak vallley is made of clear water from Baeknok-dam, the lake located on the top of the Mt. Halla. It ia connected by thick forest and azure sky.it’s virgin forest and it’s changed by the season. The road is lined up with Jeju typical trees and there are grazing ponies, too. 516 Forest Road Tunnel is thickly wooded and keeps the cool temperature even in summer. When you pass the tunnel, turn off the air-conditioner and open the car window to feel the beauty of nature.

Sagye Coastal Road

Sagye (four seasons) Coastal Road is an absolutely wonderful road which will surround you by the sea breeze and wind. As the Mt. Sanbang and Mt. Songak are located at each of the end of the seashore, the driving course is even peaceful and comfortable. Drivers can get the full view of the sea as well. Everyday many visitors are passing this beautiful coastal road to see the harmonized seashore, mountain and roads and all the beautiful sceneries around with its breath-taking sunset

<The road of the harmonized seashore, mountain and road> (Source: Korean Tourism Organization)

We can see not only the Sagye seashore not only the Brothers islands guarding the South Sea, and away from here, we can also see the Gapa island and southernmost island, Mara island. Recently, the Sagye Coastal Road was designated as “One of the most beautiful 100 roads in Korea” by the Ministry of Construction and Transportation. After 50 minutes of driving along the No.95 local road from Jeju city, you will reach at a town which is the entrance of the Sagye-ri harbor. Then, go toward the beach about 5 minutes, and you will be dazzled by the coolest sea in front of you.

This area is also famous for the Asian-first human’s footprints fossil of the Old Stone Age. There are other footprints of the elephants, dears and birds as well. Archeologists said this geographical strata was created in the fourth stages of theCenozoic era 50,000 years ago. Since it was reported on the news, a number of tourists are continuously visiting here to see the fossils by themselves. However, since the Cultural Heritage Administration designated this area as one of the state-designated natural monuments, it has been impossible to enter the area.

Some people leave their car and take a walk around the area to see the Mt. Sanbang, Brothers islands, Gapa island , Maraisland, and Mt. Songak. We hope you enjoy the road trip on Sagye Coastal Road.

Cedar Forest

Well, driving along the coast would be so good, but there is other driving course you would also be excited. It is the 27.3 km-long Rd. No.1112, which connects Gujwa-eup Pyongdae-ri and the Rd. No.516. The way ahead is full of cedar.

<Huge Cedars are lining up along the street> (Source: Munhwa Ilbo)

This road was awarded a grand prize by the Ministry of Construction and Transportation in 2002. It’s very exotic as if you were in somewhere in north-American forests. Actually, this place appeared in many of CFs, movies and TV dramas. About 2,570 typical Jeju trees are growing wild here and make us feel refreshed when driving through or walking through the road.

Jeju driveways are full of blue water, beautiful estuary, cedars and secondary volcanoes. Why don’t we leave for Jeju this Summer?

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