Linux SD Card driver for HP Envy series



Punya masalah dengan sd card internal HP Envy series?

maka di sinilah solusinya:


I have a Realtek media card reader and after much searching and a plethora of completely wrong instructions and/or wrong drivers I got it working. If you have a similar device it will show up as an “unassigned class device 5289”

Proceed as follows:

* Download the following file (to downloads probably) :

* In Dolphin (or equivelent) right click and “Extract > Extract Archive here”
* Open a terminal window
* Navigate to Downloads / rts_bpp
* At the command prompt enter
su root
* Enter root password
* Type the following commands:
make install
depmod -a
* To get the driver working instantly type the following or reboot
modprobe rts_bpp

🙂 🙂 🙂



Karena masalah kompilasi, maka ubah kode di Makefile dari PWD menjadi “shell pwd” tanpa tanda kutip sebelum menjalankan make.

In the make file, just change M=$(PWD) into M=$(shell pwd)…


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