Change Nokia X ROM to Vanilla Android


curse you Nokia for making a stupid, complicated, low contrast colored Android phone…..

It was so hard to control (unresponsive touch screen), hard to navigate (layers complication, context menu unavailability), and low featured (no play market, no widget, no useful apps out of the box).

The culmination was reached last night when I was asked by my mom to edit my contact in her phone. I could edit it.. (finally).. yet, when I tried to delete another contact.. I was furious…………. no delete button……………


go h*ll you Nokia X’s OS……… I will kill you tonight.

So, browsed a bit, latest ROM support from the community was last year on august. So it is quite left behind.. maybe because it didn’t get enough popularity (failed product).

The best one was CM11 Mod with KitKat at the core.. yet it has a major flaw. The camera color is only green… I installed it several times, and tried a camera patch from Aguys yielded none.

Tried lollipop version too.. you can google it a bit, but it won’t show the launcher screen.. only booting animation.

I gave up and tried for the least problematic one. It’s an AOSP line..

AOSP/Code Aurora Vanilla Android 4.1.2 for Nokia X (normandy)

It worked, though only have Jelly Bean.

Here are the steps to kick that Nokia OS, summarized from here, with additional comments:

1. Root your Nokia X. Using framaroot.apk , failed. Using Nokia X manager failed either. Finally using Kasha Malaga , worked. Use Windows to perform the root, and make sure the Nokia ADB driver is properly installed. In win 8, made sure also driver signing verification is turned off.

2. Download the ROM. As I mentioned, I used AOSP ROM. You can download it here: . Although I’m not responsible if the ROM has been infected with malware.. haha… Copy the zip file to your internal storage or phone sd card. It should be accessible later on from TWRP.

3. Install TWRP or CWM… I prefer TWRP for it’s nice GUI.

you can use adb , either in windows or linux:

Last command is to tell the phone to boot into recovery mode. Later on, you can enter recovery mode using “Volume + and Power button” hold 15 seconds from off mode.

TWRP also will replace pre-installed nokia recovery screen.

4. While in recovery mode, perform factory reset… “Wipe->swipe to swipe”. Afterward, back to home and click “Install”. Select the predownloaded zip ROM. In this case it should be . Confirm wipe and reboot afterward.

5. Enjoy your regular android OS in nokia phone..

There.. hope it helps.. 🙂


***** UPDATE ******

I had problem today when calling someone. The sound didn’t make through to the other side. I can hear the person speaking, but they didn’t hear my voice. So.. here is a work around..


To activate microphone for incall use you MUST:
1. Plug in a headset
2. Open the FM app
3. Go to settings in FM app and select to use speakers
4. Close FM and disconnect headset
5. Profit

You must repeat this after each reboot.

Well.. nokia really suck more now.. I think I’ll grab Android One soon…




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